OBC engineer, domain investor expected to teach for free

Have viciously exploited the harmless obc single woman engineer for years and stealing her resume for 8-9 frauds, powerful officials still are trying to exploit her. They now expect her to like a teenager, a relative or friend of neighbours and teach them for free, so that they can make a lot of money online. In the last few weeks she has been introduced to a number of teenagers

When she has been cheated, exploited, harassed and tortured so viciously why will she go out of her way to teach a stranger about her business, especially when she has invested a huge amount of time and money. Everyone including the teenager, his or her family have a very good life to look forward to, when she has been systematically denied any chance of happiness or a normal life, defamed in the most vicious manner.

Why do those who have so much to look forward to not make sacrifices to attain her level of expertise, why should she teach them for free, so that they can enjoy a very good life , while she continues to be exploited

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