I Am Looking at New Bath Renovations

We sort of ended up looking at this place that sells shower doors in Essex county NJ this weekend. I must have not realized that Annie had told me we were going to start doing this already, but I know she is not happy with her bathroom and has not been for a long time. Of course the big thing is that the bathroom is not big enough for all of her stuff. She has an unbelievable amount of things going on in there. I really do not care to think about all of it, but she needs a lot more space that what she has. I am thinking that the obvious thing to do is to tear out the closet and use the space there . Of course that leaves you with a big square space, which is not exactly what I am thinking that I need.Nothing is going to be ideal, but I am looking at different floor plans and thinking about how to do it so that we end up with the best end result.

What I am thinking is the shower can be small really. How much room do you really need to take a shower. Maybe once in a while you might figure it is nice to share a shower with the wife, but in general you are just going to jump in there scrub yourself clean and get back out. I am usually in an out of the shower in around ten minutes flat. My brother when I was growing up would go in there and take a very long time in the shower, but I am pretty sure he had something to do at the time. At least that was what I figured back then when I thought about stuff like that all of the time.

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