You Can’t Have a Leaking Roof in a Shop

I got right to finding roof installation in Brooklyn NY when what I feared finally happened. What did I fear? A week of rain storms. I knew the roof on my shop leaked, but I thought I could patch it myself and put off the inevitable repairs until a better time. Of course the weather thought differently and once it started raining every day for a week, that leak turned into a steady flow of water into my produce shop. It’s funny but people don’t want to buy produce in a store where the floor is constantly slick with water.

I knew I needed to get the problem fixed and quickly. Running mops over the floor did little to hide the problem and I didn’t want to lose my customers because of something that could be easily fixed. I found a company with almost forty years of experience fixing flat top roofs and made the call. I was hoping it would just require a professional patch up and not a total replacement, but I wasn’t optimistic. This building has been here longer than I have been alive so I expected to pay through the nose for a brand new roof.

Sure enough the whole thing had to go, but the professionalism exhibited during the inspection and the estimate took the sting out of the cost. Even better, they promised to get right to work as soon as possible so I would experience minimal interference with my business. As soon as the sun came out they were up there tearing up the old roof and laying down the new one. It took them all of three days to get the job done and no there are no more leaks! I’m so happy that I don’t have to worry about slick floors and cranky customers anymore!

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