She is Moving in with Me Soon

When I proposed to my girlfriend, I told her that I wanted a long engagement. The main reason for this is because I wanted to make sure I saved enough money to give us a good start in life together. She was on board with this, and we opened up a joint account even though we were not living together yet. We stayed engaged for two years, and we are planning on getting married in two months now. The last thing we had to do was look at luxury apartments in Atlanta because we both knew we wanted to live somewhere really nice.

We looked at a few places, but we both knew we were going to go with our first choice, which is The Encore Apartments. It was the first one we looked at because one of our favorite restaurants is just a block or so away, so we have passed it quite a few times. We just looked at others to make sure something better was not out there. As it turns out, there was not anything even close to it. We took a tour of it together, and we were able to pick out the apartment that we want.

Since I was living on my own at the time, we decided I would give up my apartment and move in. She is still living with her folks, but she will start moving her stuff in a few days before our wedding in a couple of months. She already knows more people here than I do though because she is actually here a lot when I am at work. She has fallen in love with this place, and I am just so happy that she is going to be living here with me in less than eight more weeks!

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