So Many Amenities at This Apartment Complex

I was looking forward to moving to Miami, mainly because I was so tired of the northern winters where temperatures can go below zero degrees on a regular basis. I know that Florida can have some cold winter days too, but it is nothing like what New York gets. I knew that I was moving there, but I still had to find an apartment for rent in Miami Beach so I could get everything in motion to make this a reality instead of something I just keep talking about.

I didn’t have a lot of demands for whichever apartment complex I ended up at, but I did want to try and get one that is on the beach. I had only been to the beach twice prior to moving, but I knew that it was something I would love to get to experience every day if possible. Since the ocean is right there, it just made sense to check the beachfront complexes first. That is how I found Treasures on the Bay, which is where I now live.

The apartments are sorted into different buildings, and I got one in the Point building. It is a very large one bedroom unit, and the nicest part about it is that I have a balcony that overlooks the ocean. I can sit on it every morning and watch the sunrise if I want, or just relax out there in the evenings as I wind down from work.

There are a lot of things other than the balcony that has me excited about living here now. It is very pet friendly, and there is even going to be a doggy salon on the premises soon. I have two young dogs, so this is music to my ears. I also really like that there are three swimming pools because while I like the ocean, I prefer to swim in something that doesn’t have fish in it!

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