I Am Trying to Do Whatever I Can to Make Sure I Make My Father Proud

My parents always pushed me hard when it came to my schoolwork, and I am okay with that. When my dad died, I promised him that I would graduate from college. I was worried about my physics classes. After talking about it with my mom, she paid for me to get outside help from a physics tuition company. I told her that I feared that I would dishonor dad if I failed the courses. She asked if I wanted to drop them and pursue some other type of degree instead. I told her that I knew I could do it if I just had extra help, but I wasn’t sure about what to do to get that extra help. She was the one who came up with the idea of getting a tutor.

My parents pushed me because they told me early on that it is important that I don’t run into all of the same problems in life that they went through because they didn’t get college degrees. Dad made it through high school, but mom only made it through the eighth grade. As a result, they often worked menial jobs to try to get by. They worked so hard at every job they ever had. Often, the each worked two jobs at a time individually. They would come home each night feeling very spent from long hours working.

Mom and dad always made sure that my homework was done each night. They told me repeatedly that they hoped that I would go to college. I’m fulfilling that wish for both myself and them. I do not want to let my dad down, so I will do all that I can to pay attention to what my physics tutor tries to help me with. I want to go on to become a doctor, and I plan to help my mom financially after I get established with my career later. She deserves my help, and my dad would want the same for her.

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