Avoid dealing with Siddhi Mandrekar

This a warning from a webmaster who has a bitter experience with Siddhi Mandrekar, daughter of Sufal Mandrekar. She is a very unreliable person, who has no qualms backstabbing any person for personal benefit. Siddhi Mandrekar had shamelessly misused the name of the webmaster to steal great benefits, assignments and privileges from the webmaster.

Since she is a fantastic flirt, some powerful men in the Indian internet industry, falsely claimed that she was involved in a webmasters business, was the person spending huge amounts, when in reality, Siddhi Mandrekar is not spending a single penny on webhosting or domain names. By doing so, she has got a lot of very lucrative introductions and assignments, while the poor exploited webmaster has got nothing at all, only has to pay the massive bills.

Additionally these powerful men in the Indian internet industry have given siddhi mandrekar powers of surveillance over the webmaster which she is misusing to cause a nuisance,accidents and make fake claims of her involvement. The role of Google in encouraging this exploitation of the webmaster should also be investigated. The webmaster has almost every electronic device owned hacked, and it is time to end this nuisance permanently. Why should an experienced webmaster tolerate exploitation by a liar who backstabbed her and misused her name?

If Siddhi Mandrekar or any of those who promote her can justify their behaviour, kindly leave a comment, it is time for an open discussion on this misuse of a webmasters name and exploitation. Siddhi Mandrekar and her cowardly shameless powerful backers would never be able to justify their exploitation and cheating a webmaster in an open forum, when she is not spending a single penny or doing any work.

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