You Need a Lawyer when You Hit a Cop

Actually I got an auto accident attorney in Sacramento because the cop hit me, but that’s not how he was describing it. It was a nightmare. I was at a stop sign, looking both ways like you’re supposed to do, and when I pulled out a cop ran the other stop sign and hit me. He flew out of the car screaming and gesticulating like you wouldn’t believe. I thought I was going to jail at the very least. At the worst I thought I would get shot. He made me do the drunk driving routine and all that jazz.

By the time I got home I called a lawyer even before I called my insurance company. I thought I was going to end up getting sued by the city, end up in jail, or the worst thing would be that the cops might start harassing me thinking that I almost killed one of their fellow officers. But the main reason for the lawyer is that I was sure I did nothing wrong. I know the police officer hit me and I needed someone who could help prove it in court if it got that far.

My lawyer had me come in and sit in the office where I discussed everything. They even asked exactly where it happened several times. It was only later that I learned how important this was because my attorney managed to locate two security cameras at nearby businesses that captured the accident! When the city prosecutor saw the footage, the case was dropped like a hot potato. I didn’t even have an increase in my insurance and the city paid for the damage to my car. All I can say is that when you think you might need a lawyer, you absolutely need to get a lawyer!

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