The Truth Caught on Snapchat

There was something funny going on with one of my relatives. He was always no where to be found and hard to contact. He would never tell us where he worked whenever we asked him. I joked around with one of my cousins that we should learn how to hack a Snapchat account and find out what he’s always up to, but he took it seriously and used a program to do it. I was so scared that our relative would find out what we had done, but there was no indication that he had any idea. What we found from the hack would change every thought we ever had about our relative. He seemed like such a regular guy, despite being secretive, but now we know the truth.

We found out that our relative was part of an illegal crime ring that had been operating in the city for many years. It was weird to see that a criminal would use something like Snapchat and leave evidence that could be seen by anyone with a good hacking program, especially since the police or the government would probably be keeping track of something like that. I guess he wasn’t under investigation, because no one had ever accused him of anything or tried to arrest him. My cousin and I knew that we had to do something, or our relative would get away with his crimes.

We told the police about our relative. They came to his house and arrested him not long after. He had no idea that we were the ones who called the police on him, and I hope it stays that way, because if he found out that we did it, he would probably find some way to get back at us. Even though we are family, I wouldn’t put it past him that he would do something.

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