We Got a Great Apartment in Tallahassee That Does Not Strain Our Housing Budget

I never cared about driving a used car even if it didn’t look so great. As long as it got me where I was going, that was fine with me. I was never one to need to be buying the latest fashions or the coolest gadgets either. I preferred to put the money away toward the goal of retiring early. My wife is like that too. We are frugal but not misers. We do insist on having a nice place to live, and moving for a new job had us looking for nice apartments in Tallahassee. We discovered Tally Square. Our apartment looks really good, and the rent is right where our budget is for housing.

The property is kept really nice. When we were shown the apartment, we were surprised at how clean it was. The last time we moved we spent a few days cleaning before we brought any of our furniture in. When we moved into Tally Square I think all we did was dust. We didn’t need to run the vacuum or anything. Even the bathroom looked to be sanitized like you would find when staying at a really nice hotel. There was no leftover grime or smells from the prior tenants. If you have ever moved to an apartment, you know what I am talking about.

We were comfortable in our new apartment from the first night. It felt like home, and we both slept great. Even our two dogs were calm and slept like babies. They both found a sunny spot the next morning by a window and were content. Tally Square is right off of East LaFayette Street. It has a fitness center too, and that lets us both save on gym memberships. Overall this is a great deal on an apartment for what we get for the rent we are paying.

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