An Apartment for My Daughter and Myself

Even though it is just my daughter and I, we still needed a three bedroom apartment. We each needed to have our own bedroom and bathroom, but I also needed to have a guest room as well. I was not concerned about having a third bathroom, since I knew that would be hard to come by, but I definitely wanted to have room for my folks when they come to visit us. I looked at a few different apartments before I saw a gorgeous three bedroom and two bath unit at, which is the website for Parkway Square.

Called The Villa, this apartment is over 1200 square feet. Our last apartment was barely over 900 square feet, so this was pretty spacious for the two of us. I looked at the floor plan on their website, because the interior is always the most important to me. My daughter, on the other hand, was most concerned with the community amenities because she is my little social butterfly who loves to stay active. It turns out that this apartment complex has plenty of amenities that will keep the both of us very happy.

For me, the nicest part other than having three nice sized bedrooms is the fact that it has a washer and dryer as well as a very large patio right off of the living room. The laundry is located in the master bedroom closet, which goes to show just how large the closet space is too. My daughter also has a large walk in closet in her room, and the second bath is right outside her bedroom door. As for what she was most impressed with, this complex has two different swimming pools and a plethora of other activities that can be done right here on site. We both are getting all that we want here!

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