Government employees investing Rs 1 lakh monthly bribes in jewellery

Government employee makes Rs 1 lakh monthly in bribes from job with Rs 70,000 salary investing money in jewelry, no one questions or harasses them
Indicating the high levels of government corruption, atrocities in India, Government employee make Rs 1 lakh monthly in bribes from job with Rs 70,000 salary, no one questions or harasses them while the domain investor, a harmless private citizen making very less money is mercilessly hounded, persecuted and subjected to human rights abuses for more than 12 years
The details posted on reddit are
Work as a freelancer for US company – Earn Rs.2.5 lakhs a month from it

Work as a freelancer for a European company – Earn Rs.3.5 lakhs a month from it.

My family’s monthly expenses are under 50,000. Rest of the money goes into mutual fund a month. So far 50 Lakhs in profit from it in last 3 years.

So roughly Rs.1.38 lakh a month in passive income.

My wife has a govt. job. Her income is Rs.70,000 a month

Her upar ki kamai is Rs.1 lakhs a month, which mostly goes into buying jewellery.

This exposes the dishonesty, misplaced priorities of government agencies hounding private citizens making very less money, while no action is taken against greedy government employees getting huge bribes monthly and investing money in jewellery.
Though the domain investor is making a loss for the last 12 months, government agencies are hysterically making fake allegations, while no one is monitoring government employees getting Rs 1 lakh monthly black money bribes which is invested in jewelry. Though she is making great losses, the domain investor is still being monitored very closely.

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