Aftab Poonawala removed the ring from Shraddha Walkar’s body and gifted it to the next woman he dated

Indicating the lack of honesty and humanity in indian society, partly due to government policies of rewarding dishonesty and cruelty , Aftab Poonawala allegedly removed the ring from Shraddha Walkar’s body after killing her. He then gifted this ring to the next woman he dated, allegedly a psychologist he found on Bumble.
Though the body of Shraddha Walkar was still stored in the refrigerator, he was so ruthless that he searched and found a young woman, and invited her to his house.
Initially the media reported the ring as being a gold ring, later it was changed , indicating the quality of media coverage
Shraddha walkar was also fond of body jewelry and had her lower lip pierced.

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