I’m Glad That Someone Had Faith in Me

I love that my boss has been giving me more things to do at the office. As a receptionist, who had no prior work experience when I was originally hired, I have been paying close attention and learning as much as I can. Over time, my boss came to trust me and now lets me work as his assistant. Today, I worked on figuring out where to find a website that will print check stub online and how to do some pretty fancy things in a spreadsheet. He was pretty pleased with my work.

As a mom who stayed home to take care of my children for 20 years, I simply had no experience in the workplace. I did graduated from college, but I married my hubby soon after that and had a children just months after we were married. I have been at home since then. I had heard all sorts of things about people being looked over or any type of job after they graduate and do not work for many years. I worried that no one would hire me. Unfortunately, despite my degree in business, I simply have had no chance to gain the much-needed experience to do much with the degree. During the initial interview with my current boss, I told him to please not assume that I am overqualified for being a receptionist just because I have a degree. He hired me on the spot.

Doing nothing but answering phones and taking messages was no fun, but I was willing to do anything to get my foot in the door. After only a year with the company, he told me that he badly needed an executive assistant and asked me if I would like the position. I love working for him and the fact that he gave me a chance.

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