Other Uses for Traditional Science Knowledge

Our son is an excellent writer. He can speak and write in three different languages fluently. He even knows the historical etymologies of many words. He is a language expert understanding it on a deep level. He can communicate with anyone from young children to the experts who visit his school. However, he struggles in physics class. It is not part of his wheelhouse. We helped him by getting him physics tuition to get at least passable grades. It is the only class he struggled with.

Once he met the ultra-dynamic tutor that would help him improve his understanding of physics, he blossomed like a flower waiting to bloom. The opening up of this world of science helped him to write about new topics that he has always wanted to explore but could not because he just did not know enough about it. Now he is getting into writing science fiction, and that could actually end up being a career for him. I would not be surprised if he was able to pass up classic writers such as Asimov, Clarke and Crichton in no time.

Learning the tough subjects in school can open up worlds of application that students do not immediately think of. Who would have thought that a deepened understanding of physics as taught by a physics tuition expert would help our son further his writing ability as well as boost his physics grade by two full letter grades? I never discount what learning something new can do for a person. If there is an opportunity to expand your knowledge in an area that has value in traditional applications, take time to think how you can apply the knowledge to what you need or want out of life. It can be a real eye-opening experience in how you approach the world and what knowledge there is to learn.

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