Moving from a Dump to Paradise

I knew that when the lease on my apartment was due for renewal, that I would not be signing on the dotted line. The apartment I was living in was not expensive at all, but the amenities that were offered there proved why it was so cheap. I did not want to spend another summer with fans going, nor did I want to continue to carry shopping bags up three flights of stairs. I had been looking at different apartments for a while, and I really liked what I saw at

I knew that the next apartment I had was going to have central air conditioning, but I was not really expecting much beyond that. When I saw all of the amenities listed with Heron Walk, it felt like I would be living in paradise. Just some of the things that make it so great are the dishwasher, the large linen closets, the patio, and the washer and dryer connections. I had never lived in a place before where I did not have to drag my laundry to a shared laundry room. Knowing that I could have my own here really does mean the world to me.

There was not a single there listed there that I did not like, and I knew that it would be well worth it to pay a bit more money to live there. It actually wasn’t a huge jump in price either, and it seemed like it should cost more because of everything I was getting. I applied for a spot right there on the website, and it did not take long for them to get back to me. Even moving was super easy, and I think that is just because I was so looking forward to living in paradise rather than a meager dump.

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