Month: March 2017

Must Keep the Meat Nice and Cool

Hiring a commercial hvac in NYC is a must when you are in the food services industry. I run a boutique butcher’s shop in the city and I can’t tell you how awful it was to lose about twenty thousand dollars in speciality cuts of meat when our freezer malfunctioned. That was a painful lesson I learned that day and I meant to never repeat it again. I took most of the hit on that disaster too because my insurance company refused to cover the expense due to the fact that I hadn’t kept up on hvac inspections.

The thing about being a butcher is that it is far more complicated than most people realize. They think you stand behind a counter cutting up meat and putting them into packages. Maybe you ring up people and chit chat. Read More

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You Can’t Have a Leaking Roof in a Shop

I got right to finding roof installation in Brooklyn NY when what I feared finally happened. What did I fear? A week of rain storms. I knew the roof on my shop leaked, but I thought I could patch it myself and put off the inevitable repairs until a better time. Of course the weather thought differently and once it started raining every day for a week, that leak turned into a steady flow of water into my produce shop. It’s funny but people don’t want to buy produce in a store where the floor is constantly slick with water.

I knew I needed to get the problem fixed and quickly. Running mops over the floor did little to hide the problem and I didn’t want to lose my customers because of something that could be easily fixed. I found a company with almost forty years of experience fixing flat top roofs and made the call. Read More

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Bed Bugs Are the Absolute Worst

I knew we needed bed bug removal services when my wife and I thought we saw some evidence of them while rearranging our furniture in the bedroom. You would think we would have noticed the bites that we were waking up with in the morning might have been related to bed bugs, but we both thought maybe we had mosquito bites or a rash. We were wrong. I could see some spots on the bed frame that made me very suspicious that we had a big problem that wouldn’t have easy answers. Getting rid of these things can be almost impossible.

Of course we tried every store bought product and homemade remedy we could find on the internet, but I really wanted a professional opinion and a professional solution. We both knew we wouldn’t be able to sleep well until we confirmed our suspicions and had them eradicated with extreme prejudice. That’s why we called in a professional pest control company and had them send someone to the house. If this was indeed bed bugs, we wanted the strongest possible solution. And we were willing to pay whatever it cost to take care of the problem.

The cost, fortunately, wasn’t that bad. The company has dealt with this problem quite a bit in recent years as the city has had enough of a problem that it has made the news. The guy told me you wouldn’t believe what he’s seeeing in some of the hotels around town. He took a look at our bed and confirmed we had a problem. He took care of it, but suggested we chuck the mattress and bed springs and maybe even the frame if we could afford it. Apparently that is part of the process. You need to get rid of everything including the sheets!

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The Truth Caught on Snapchat

There was something funny going on with one of my relatives. He was always no where to be found and hard to contact. He would never tell us where he worked whenever we asked him. I joked around with one of my cousins that we should learn how to hack a Snapchat account and find out what he’s always up to, but he took it seriously and used a program to do it. I was so scared that our relative would find out what we had done, but there was no indication that he had any idea. What we found from the hack would change every thought we ever had about our relative. He seemed like such a regular guy, despite being secretive, but now we know the truth.

We found out that our relative was part of an illegal crime ring that had been operating in the city for many years. Read More

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What Exactly is an IG Hack?

I came across the strangest thing while browsing the internet today. There is something out there called and IG hack. I had no idea what it was. Upon further investigation, I found it is an Instagram hack. I had no idea there was such a thing. Let me tell you what it is. There is a website out there that will help you hack into any Instagram account for you. And believe it or not, this service is supposedly free. They have hacked into some high profile accounts. I found this to be very interesting.

They go on to explain that the hack is web based so there is no need to download anything to use this service. If you choose to use this service, they claim that when an account is hacked it can’t be traced back to you. Read More

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