Month: January 2017

Making gifts for sale

Google has developed a very effective way of destroying competition in India, getting the extremely powerful and corrupt intelligence and security agency officials label harmless domain investors as a security threat without any proof at all, so that the google competitor can be put under surveillance for years, wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money .
The google competitor will find it extremely difficult to make any money online and offline, as the officials on the payroll of google are maintaining a very detailed log of all the activities of the google competitor for many years, wasting indian tax payer money. Instead of wasting time online, to find that all payment is blocked, account closed, it is advisable to devote the same amount of time working offline and making gifts for sale, online or offline.

All leads, orders from services will be blocked and any vendor who gives orders, person will be rewarded for cheating, treachery with a lucrative R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence job. The only way to make some money online, is registering rereleased domain names and try to find customers for these domain names, though it can be a very risky business.

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You Need a Lawyer when You Hit a Cop

Actually I got an auto accident attorney in Sacramento because the cop hit me, but that’s not how he was describing it. It was a nightmare. I was at a stop sign, looking both ways like you’re supposed to do, and when I pulled out a cop ran the other stop sign and hit me. He flew out of the car screaming and gesticulating like you wouldn’t believe. I thought I was going to jail at the very least. At the worst I thought I would get shot. He made me do the drunk driving routine and all that jazz.

By the time I got home I called a lawyer even before I called my insurance company. Read More

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I’m Glad That Someone Had Faith in Me

I love that my boss has been giving me more things to do at the office. As a receptionist, who had no prior work experience when I was originally hired, I have been paying close attention and learning as much as I can. Over time, my boss came to trust me and now lets me work as his assistant. Today, I worked on figuring out where to find a website that will print check stub online and how to do some pretty fancy things in a spreadsheet. He was pretty pleased with my work.

As a mom who stayed home to take care of my children for 20 years, I simply had no experience in the workplace. Read More

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