Must Keep the Meat Nice and Cool

Hiring a commercial hvac in NYC is a must when you are in the food services industry. I run a boutique butcher’s shop in the city and I can’t tell you how awful it was to lose about twenty thousand dollars in speciality cuts of meat when our freezer malfunctioned. That was a painful lesson I learned that day and I meant to never repeat it again. I took most of the hit on that disaster too because my insurance company refused to cover the expense due to the fact that I hadn’t kept up on hvac inspections.

The thing about being a butcher is that it is far more complicated than most people realize. They think you stand behind a counter cutting up meat and putting them into packages. Maybe you ring up people and chit chat. It’s actually far more complex than that. Different meats have to be kept at different temperatures. Yes, it’s ok to put it out front for the day in a cooled case so people can buy it, but you can’t leave it there indefinitely. You have to store it in various freezers set at different temperatures. When one of them fails, you’re out of luck.

The commercial hvac company I found online knows all about my trade and my needs. They service other butcher’s in town and know the importance of keeping all our freezers funcitoning perfectly. I’ve never had another problem after hiring this company to keep an eye on my business. They do periodic inspections to make sure everything works, and if do have a problem a quick phone call is all it takes to get someone out here immediately to track down the problem. I’ve gone from losing thousands of dollars a year to losing almost nothing because they keep my freezers exactly where they are supposed to be.

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