We Needed a Good Chiropractor

A few weeks ago, I dropped my two daughters off at school and then went to the grocery store. I am so thankful that is the order it was, because a box truck ran a light and smashed my car, right where one of my daughters would have been sitting. I was in a world of pain and ended up in the hospital for a couple of days, but I was still thankful that I was alone in the car. My husband knew that I would need to see a car accident chiropractor in Chandler AZ after talking with the doctors at the hospital, so he went online and researched the different ones in the area.

With as many as were available in our area, he later told me that there was just one that he felt really comfortable with. He knew that there we were going to have get a lawyer involved because of the insurance companies wanting to settle quickly, and this was the chiropractor that works with all of the attorneys in the area. Since all of the medical treatment information would need to be documented, he just felt it would be best to go with one that attorneys are familiar with.

It also helps that they have a great reputation. He looked at a forum that people in our community go to and asked their opinion, and quite a few recommended this chiropractor. I could understand why after getting there myself. The chiropractor was gentle yet aggressive in the treatment process, which was exactly the right combination. It took me nearly a dozen visits before I felt like myself again, which is amazing to me because I never thought I’d feel normal again. We are still in the midst of the legal battle, but thankfully the medical part of that is all done now.

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