My Parents Never Knew We Had a Party

The cleaning company I hired through sure ended up saving my bacon. My parents went out of town for a week and of course they made sure to tell me that I was not to have friends over for any sort of party whatsoever. The only person allowed in the condo was my girlfriend, and only during the day. Well, one thing led to another and of course we had a party. I tried to keep the number of people below ten, but more people showed up and the result was quite a messy condo.

My girlfriend and I weren’t worried whatsoever. Nothing got broken, so we figured we had a few days to hang out before we started cleaning up the mess. It shouldn’t take too long with both of us working on the situation. About the time we decided upon waiting for a bit, my parents called with alarming news: they were coming home early and needed me to go pick them up at the airport. That meant I wouldn’t be around to make sure the condo got cleaned, and I didn’t think my girlfriend could do all the work herself. We needed professional help.

My girlfriend knew about a cleaning company because her parents used them on a regular basis. She even knew about the site, which we immediately checked out. It looked good, and I had the money to pay them, but we needed them to show up quickly and work as fast as they could. Fortunately, they showed up before I even left to go to the airport. I made sure I took my time picking my parents up, something they weren’t that happy about, and by the time we got home both my girlfriend and the cleaning crew were gone. The place looked brand new! My parents actually thought I cleaned up for them!

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