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Videos, visuals and the virtual world

Like other investors, domain investors are private citizens who are investing their hard earned money to make money from domain names and do not expect any interference from the government because domain registration, renewal, development has not been officially nationalized, at least in India. However the harash reality is that powerful greedy dishonest powerful indian intelligence and security agency officials, their relatives, friends and associates are too risk averse, lazy to invest their own hard earned money in domain names, yet are allowed to waste indian tax payer money for decades to defame and harass the harmless domain investors, allegedly bribed by large corporates like google, tata who wish to acquire talent and technology cheaply.
These irrational fraud powerful officials are making, circulating unflatttering videos, visuals like photos of the harmless domain investor, wasting indian tax payer money, to ruin the reputation of the domain investor and then falsely claiming that their relatives, friends, sex partners and associates, who do not spend any money on domain names, own the domain names of a private citizen who is being defamed.
Like all frauds, these officials cannot justify the warped logic of the virtual world in an open debate, just because someone is making videos, photos of a woman who they hate to defame her, why does she stop owning her assets like domain names in which she has invested her money, and why are lazy greedy cunning frauds defaming her allowed to falsely claim that they own her domain names? Defaming a person, does not mean that the slanderer(or his associates) automatically has the resume, investment of the person against whom they are making fake allegations against without any legally valid proof at all.

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Leather and PU leather compared

Leather items are fairly expensive and those who can afford leather items, will usually purchase leather purses and handbags, as they are more fashionable. However leather will get damaged in the rains or when exposed to water, so most people with a limited budget are only using bags and purses from PU leather and similar material as it is cheaper and more durable. Most retailers are also only selling PU leather purses, they do not keep genuine leather purses in stock.

Suppliers of leather and PU leather, especially lining material can send their offers to

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Ordering cheap customized Tshirts

Many businesses order customized tshirts for their employees, especially for functions like conferences and trade shows as these tshirts are a kind of uniform. These tshirts may have a logo, photo or image posted on them . Since these tshirts will be worn only a few times, these businesses are looking for a company which can supply cheap tshirts of reasonable quality. There are many online and offline stores which can supply the customized tshirts, however the cost of the tshirt will depend to a large extent on the number of tshirts ordered at a time, with bulk discounts available for large quantities of tshirts

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Low cost fabric handbags available for sale in bulk

Low cost foldable fabric handbags available for sale in bulk online and offline, ideal for those who have a stall in an exhibition or a retail store and are looking for additional items to sell . Please indicate the quantity required and terms and conditions. These handbags can be used for shopping and are washable, in washing machine. Sample handbag available on request.
Please send your contact details to

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Google, tata’s online, domain, financial fraud, SEX TRADE should have been exposed earlier

Though the 10 lazy greedy mediocre google, tata sponsored goan call girl, cheater housewife, fraud R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence employees faking a btech 1993 ee degree never did any kind of work online or invested any money online, the fraud top google, tata employees bribed the shameless fraud ntro, cbi employees to abuse their powers and spread false rumors that the goan SEX workers and other frauds were doing work online, to get all these frauds a monthly indian government salary.
It is shocking that no one asked the tata, google, CBI, NTRO employees to provide legally valid proof that these fraud women, especially tata’s favorite R&AW employee VVIP goan SEX worker slim obc bhandari sunaina chodnekar 2013 bsc ,recruited for SEX, was doing work online.
If tata’, google favorite SEX worker sunaina was actually doing any work online, why do the bank records of sunaina, the goan SEX worker recruited by R&AW , not show the paypal payment since 2010.
Why are ntro, raw employees falsely claiming that these google, tata sponsored mediocre fraud women intelligence employees, own the bank account of another indian citizen, a google competitor , how can this financial fraud be legally justified.

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Silver Beads and Jewellery Accessories

manufacturers and wholesale suppliers from Jaipur, INDIA.

For more than 25 years of experience, Samdar Jewels Pvt. Ltd. is catering to many satisfied and repetitive customers all over the world.

We specialize in sterling silver beads, Bead Caps, Toggles, Clasps, Earring Hooks, Headpins, Jump rings,  Crimp Beads, Lobster locks and other jewellery accessories. Bali Silver beads and clasps are also  exclusively handmade.

All these items are available in more than 1000 designs available online at
We also cater to customer specialized requirements by making their personal designs and also create  some for them.

Copper beads and findings are also available besides silver.

All these items are available in Antique Silver, Bright Silver, Vermeil and Antique vermeil  finish and also red for copper.

Currently we are offering our silver beads at a heavily discounted price of US$ 0.47/g only

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