My Brother Liked the One Bedroom Apartment So Much at City View Park That He is Upgrading

My brother rented an apartment a few weeks ago, and my wife and I finally made it over to visit him. We knew he was doing good with his job, but my brother has lived in some really junky apartments. We were shocked at his new place. It was the complete opposite of what we were used to seeing with him. He got a place at City Park View apartments. He said he had been looking online for South Tryon apartments in Charlotte NC when he discovered their website. He said he went and toured the place and decided to go ahead and lease a one bedroom apartment for a year.

I have never seen him happier. He makes full use of the fitness center, and the interior of his apartment is beautiful. He bought all new furniture and really put a lot of effort into decorating the place. Each piece he has out in his apartment is personal. He didn’t just run through a furniture store and pick things. He collects old telephones, and he has them displayed on beautiful hardwood shelves he had made to match the rest of his apartment decor. I remember when he used to keep them all in clear plastic bins. Now he has them out on display all shined up.

I asked him what caused the change. He said he saw the rent for the apartment and knew he could afford it, so he figured it was time to grow up a little and get a place that he could enjoy and share with others. He likes the place so much that he said that he is going to move into a two bedroom place at the City Park View as soon as he talks to the management about the upgrade. My little brother has finally grown up.

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