I Helped a Friend Move

I sort of lucked into this opportunity, not really looking for it. A friend of mine asked me to help this other person move into luxury apartments for Charlotte NC. As it turned out this was a great looking girl, who was probably taking advantage of the fact that he was keen for the hunt. At any rate there were three girls living in this really great apartment and it turned out that I knew one of them. She and I had gone to college together, although I had not really known her too well. The girl that I was dating at the time was her roommate, but she was also really jealous. It got old in a great big hurry, but it lasted long enough so that I never got to know this girl. My friend was really hot when she invited me to stay for supper, of course they barely acknowledged his existence. They got him to do what they needed him to do and then they acted as though he were a perfect stranger. Personally I was amused by it.

It was a lot better when this girl told me that her father was looking for someone with a degree in computer science, which is not exactly true of me. However she knew that I have a math degree and I could probably go back and get my computer science degree in a rather short time. It is a distinction that matters a lot in most things, but in this case they were really desperate to fill the job and I was well qualified to do the stuff that they needed for me to do. It was not as though they even went through the entire interview to hire me. I started about thirty minutes later they let me into the office for the interview.

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