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Marketing and seo content available for offline and online diamond retailers

Marketing and seo content available for offline and online diamond retailers
The writer has written a large number of marketing articles for
She is familiar with different aspects of diamonds , especially lab-created diamonds like
– market demand
– pricing
– HPHT method of creating diamonds
– CVD method
Please contact on
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SMSes for fashion/lifestyle items

While important banking smses are not being delivered, domain investors regularly receive smses for lifestyle/fashion items from websites like Lenskart, Bluestone, Myntra. The domain investors have to spend a large amount on domain renewals yearly, tax payer money is wasted to block their payment, they cannot afford to purchase expensive items online in the last few years. While purchasing online, there is a risk that the item will not fit them properly and will not be of the right color.

Silver Beads and Jewellery Accessories

manufacturers and wholesale suppliers from Jaipur, INDIA.

For more than 25 years of experience, Samdar Jewels Pvt. Ltd. is catering to many satisfied and repetitive customers all over the world.

We specialize in sterling silver beads, Bead Caps, Toggles, Clasps, Earring Hooks, Headpins, Jump rings,  Crimp Beads, Lobster locks and other jewellery accessories. Bali Silver beads and clasps are also  exclusively handmade.

All these items are available in more than 1000 designs available online at
We also cater to customer specialized requirements by making their personal designs and also create  some for them.

Copper beads and findings are also available besides silver.

All these items are available in Antique Silver, Bright Silver, Vermeil and Antique vermeil  finish and also red for copper.

Currently we are offering our silver beads at a heavily discounted price of US$ 0.47/g only

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